7 Things Men Do That Turn Women Off

I’m not a relationship expert per se but I play one on the internet. As a self-appointed internet relationship and sex expert with over thirty years’ experience having hadsome quite successful and a few spectacularly unsuccessful relationships with men, I decided to put together a list of seven things that men do that turn women off. What about me makes me qualified to put this list together, you may be asking yourself. I’ll tell you. First and foremost, I am a woman but I’m not some man-hating feminist. I adore men carnally but more importantly, I like them on a personal level. Because I really do like men, I want them to succeed in love and the only way they will is if they listen to what women tell them about our likes and dislikes. Men are more likely to listen to this type of advice from a woman they are not currently dating, so here I am. Hopefully, this list of seven will help you in your pursuit of happiness.

1. Poor listening skills.

I’m not referring to having the ability to hear, this is more about absorption and processing what’s being said. You can’t really listen to someone if you are on FB, messing with your phone, surfing the internet or worse chatting with someone else via messenger or text while your significant other is trying to tell you something. Allowing yourself to be distracted comes across as disrespectful and rude. If you want to be in a relationship with someone then they need to come first. If the ding or notification sound can nab your attention away from your lover… then you may as well call her a friend because she will be too turned off by you to be anything else for long.

2. Looking at porn or pictures of sexy women – too often or for the wrong reasons.

I’m not a prude and your average woman isn’t on either but there is a line that we all have. I’d rather porn be watched with me as a joint activity if that’s what you’re into and I am not alone. The problem for most women is when you are watching porn or looking at naked pictures too much so that it affects the sexual chemistry because it creates in your mind impossible standards. Or worse than all that and you are using porn or internet nudes to get turned on in the first place and then using your woman as a glorified glory hole. No woman wants to be with someone that uses other women to get turned on and then uses her body for their release. That is a major turn off.

3. Talk about your ex too much.

Everyone talks about their ex a little. When you cross the “a little” line a hit the “is he still in love with her?” line or the “I think he’s obsessed with his ex” point then you have totally just turned a woman off. No one and I do mean no one wants to be with someone that can’t stop talking about someone from their past. A woman will never feel secure and if she can’t feel secure with you – buh bye.

4. Remember that she exists 30 minutes before lights out.
You’ve spent the day on the internet, hanging with friends or playing video games barely acknowledging her existence. If that happens occasionally, it’s ok. If it becomes a pattern that you ignore her all day because FB, Twitter or whatever was more important to you than nurturing your woman but suddenly half hour to an hour before bedtime you get all ooey and gooey and baby I love you because you want sex…

We have vibrators and we have batteries and they are never too busy when we need them.

5. Bad hygiene

This is self-explanatory. Dirty, smelly clothes or body is not sexy. Wash, brush your teeth, use deodorant. It’s a complete turn off unless a woman has Olfactophilia/osmolagnia which is basically a body odor fetish particularly sexual parts. It’s not super common so wash yourself and keep your clothes tidy.

6. Long finger nails (or toe nails).

Unless you’re playing Dracula on stage or in a film, you need to have short, trimmed finger nails (we don’t care if you chew them off). If your feet look like they could grab your dinner while you swooped in mid-flight like some human eagle crossbreed…you might be turning off every woman ever born.

7. Ego… lots and lots of ego.

Self-confidence is good and a major turn on, that said, being self-centered and having an unhealthy amount of arrogance or narcissism is bad. We want you to be as interested in us as you are yourself. If it’s all about you – ugh it’s a turn off. I know, I know plenty of egomaniacs get and keep women but it’s not the ego that got them but the bank account. A broke egomaniac ends up watching porn and giving himself hand jobs on the regular.

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