7 Times Celebrities Were Heroes In Real Life

1. Harrison Ford has a long history of being a real-life hero. Most recently, he was on hand helping a woman whose car flipped off the road. This is fresh off he hopped out of his car at the Queens-Midtown Tunnel to help direct traffic after a pile-up was causing terrible traffic. In 2001, while flying his helicopter around Wyoming, he rescued a lost 13-year old boy scout who had been separated from his troop. A year earlier, he saved two female hikers who became ill on the top of Table Mountain in Wyoming. So while bad things happen, we’ll always have Harrison Ford to rescue us from life’s dangers.

2. Tom Cruise. Way back in 1996, he was cruising around Capri on a chartered yacht with his then-wife Nicole Kidman when they spotted a sailboat on fire and people clinging to a life raft nearby. Cruise sent over a skiff to rescue the people. The next year in London, he rescued a woman who was being mugged. And he’s helped a woman who had been in a car accident in Santa Monica, even paying her $7,000 hospital bill.

3. Ryan Gosling. In 2012, the actor saved a woman from getting hit by a taxi in New York City.

4. Mark Harmon. In 1996, the NCIS actor pulled two teenagers from a burning car that had crashed near his home in Brentwood. Harmon smashed the windows with a sledgehammer and pulled the boys to safety.

5. Garth Brooks. In 2003, the country singer saved two young boys from a housefire in Oklahoma. Brooks spotted a house on fire near his in-laws’ home so rushed to alert the people inside. The two boys, aged 10 and 14, were able to get out unharmed.

6. Jamie Foxx. In January 2016, Foxx pulled a man from a burning vehicle. The driver had crashed outside of Foxx’s home in Hidden Valley, California.

7. Clint Eastwood. In 2014, Dirty Harry performed the Heimlich maneuver on a man, saving his life. Steve John, who was director of the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am golf tournament, was attending a party with Eastwood when he choked on a piece of cheese. Eastwood recognized the man was choking and jumped into action.

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