7 Workouts Every Woman Should Try At Least Once

Is your workout stuck in a rut? These seven muscle-blasting workouts can get you off that plateau and into real fitness.

1. Barre. I’m biased because this is my favorite workout, but that is because the results are fast, it works my muscles in a way I have never been worked before, and I’ve had no injuries in the 10 years I’ve been doing it. Furthermore, it helps prevent injuries by strengthening your joints (especially those knees!) Ultimately the best reason to try barre is that when you walk out of that studio after hurting, burning and trying your hardest for an hour, you feel amazing, willowy and strong

2. Aerial. There are numerous aerial disciplines, from aerial yoga to swinging on aerial silks, but the sensation in all of them is wonderful. Your spine feels longer, your chest really opens up, and the flying through the air challenges your brain to process the world in a slightly different way. Invigorating and peaceful.

3. Horseback riding. If you’re an urban girl, you might not have had any opportunities to hang out with the ponies. But riding schools are often in the suburbs, and they’re so worth finding. A casual 20 minute ride on a pony will give your entire leg and bottom a workout that you will never forget. Besides the physical benefits, you will accidentally fall in love with these huge, sensitive, smart and sassy souls.

4. Yoga. There are many different kinds of yoga today but the best kind is the one that leaves you feeling uplifted, balanced, and strong. You’ll get that from just about any of them. If you go for hot yoga, prepared to be shaking by the end of it because it will cook up your muscles in a way that will leave you breathless.

5. Cross-fit. While there isn’t much spirituality associated with cross-fit, it is enjoying popularity because the results are fast and dramatic. You should try it because it’s not the typical “girl’s workout” and you might surprise yourself by being amazing at it.

6. Running. While most of us have run before, running is kind of out of fashion at the moment. There are so many other workouts to try and an exclusively running workout will leave you with over developed legs and not much else. Still, a nice long run every once in a while is still an excellent way to judge your overall fitness, and if you do it for long enough, it no longer feels like work.

7. Boxing. There is not better workout for the upper body. Your arms, shoulders, chest, and abs will sing for days after your first session. But you’ll develop strength rapidly, and even after your first go at the speedbag, you’ll feel like a total bad ass.

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