8 great martial arts fights

1 Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon

Almost any scene from Bruce Lee could’ve been featured here except the one in which he makes minced meat out of Chuck Norris. Enter the Dragon shows Bruce Lee fight Han. This scene is recognized everywhere in the form of posters showing a muscular Bruce Lee flexing his wounded abs and giving the look of destruction. It was this point that Han should’ve ran. A few scratches? Ah, that’s a mere flesh wound. Get ready for the Dragon

2 Jackie Chan Drunken Master II

When you need a good laugh, then come back to this martial arts clip where Jackie Chan drinks from a bamboo mug and breathes steam as he eyes up his next opponent. Chan literally looks both drunk and like an expert as his body does extremely weird defense maneuvers such as wiggling like a worm against a wall. At one point he spears Ken Lo with a twirling, flying head butt – something only a drunken person would attempt. Chan even brings back the worm dance as he glides across the floor in an attempt to deliver a double forearm smash to his enemy. A brilliant battle that I don’t think could ever happen in real life after a few brews. I wouldn’t try this at home, but I would certainly encourage watching this multiple times for the sheer entertainment value.

3 Jet Li Fist of Legend

Hi flying accentuated moves that crush garden structures is what you’ll find in this tribute to Bruce Lee’s Chinese Connection/Fists of Fury. Jet Li battles Chin Siu Ho and there’s a shocking end to the story. Ho concedes defeat, giving up his position to Li, but Li declines. He’d rather not. Nope. He’s out. No thanks! The decision leaves a stunned look on Ho’s supporters who’re gathered around the defeated rival.

4 Jason Statham Expendables

Lee Christmas, played by Jason Statham, finds out his lovely woman has a busted up face. He seeks revenge for her and finds the culprit at a basketball court playing some roundball with his boys. Statham pulls up on his speedy bike, walks over in a way that only Statham can do – the way you know that something bad is about to happen to some cronies. He confronts the man and delflated his ball, popping off a few hard hits and immobilizing a court worth of ball players. Mess with this guy in a movie and you’re getting a legendary whipping that moviegoers will enjoy.

5 Donnie Yen IP Man 3

The final fight in IP Man 3 contains the kind of knives you shouldn’t keep in a kitchen. A combination of slightly slowed motion and up-close shots paints a perfect brutal picture of an extraordinary final fight. If watching someone get finger-struck in the eye, up close and in slow motion is your type of action, then you will absolutely enjoy this scene on replay. Donnie Yen is a real world Wushu champion – not just an enigmatic martial artist on the big screen.

6 Uma Thurman Kill Bill Vol 1

The Bride (Uma Thurman) must crush The Crazy 88’s army enforced by O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu). The iconic yellow suit of Thurman is well recognized by fans of Quentin Tarantino. The cinematic display and arrangement of various shows and shutter speeds gives the audience an brilliant amount of exaggerated cinematic gore emblazoned in a battle. This scene is ridiculously refreshing step up from the basics and natural karate you’ll see kicked out by the crane master in number 7.

7 Ralph Macchio Karate Kid

Daniel crane kicks the Cobra Kai into defeat as mentor Mr. Miyagi watches with a silent grin. It’s hard to mention martial arts fights without thinking about this natural beauty that watches a young chap overcome bullies. This was about bullying before bullying was a hot topic. Kids everywhere mimic the crane kick which has become an icon itself. ralph Macchio is 55-years-old, which is your daily reminder that we better do some crane kicks ourselves to stay in good health!

8 Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris in Way of the Dragon

Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris rivaled each other in movies and fans wanted to see them destroy each other in the most epic martial arts fight you might ever see. It’s an absolute beautiful thing when two legends collide. Bruce Lee became one of the greatest legends of martial arts. Chuck Norris became a legendary Internet meme and Bruce Lee easily picks him apart. Finding these two on camera is worth a mention.

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