In Defense of Fighting with People on Twitter

Social media use has exploded in the last ten years and with that so have the number of fights between some of its users. Most people use sites like Twitter to spout off about certain subjects and move on with their day. They trot out their 140 characters of thought and that’s the end of it. Others however may find the need to comment on the original thought or opinion which can lead to a bit more than friendly debate.

Once one or more people decide that someone’s post is incorrect, bad or just plain rude the fight begins. Of course verbal fighting on Twitter takes more than one willing participant so it’s obvious that it’s an agreed up activity. After all if you don’t want to fight you can simply ignore the other posters and be done with it. It’s a choice to engage someone in a Twitter fight.

The reason for fighting is the real focus here. Are you fighting just to be a troll or do you have a thoughtful valid point that needs to be addressed? Are you standing on principle and refusing to bend or are you a right fighter and need to feel like you’ve won? The reason for the fight is almost as important as the subject you’re fighting over on Twitter. In the end a fight on Twitter is usually determined by the on-lookers who are watching on their feed and throwing in little comments to encourage the participants to continue the fight.

The best Twitter fights are between blue check accounts. It’s always fun to watch politicians, famous people or company representatives go at it in public. When regular folks see their leaders or celebrities having a Twitter fight it’s some of the best, free entertainment on the planet. We can pick sides, eat popcorn and actually throw in our own two-cents as if we’re right there in a room with them as they go at it. While someone may get banned by Twitter no one gets hurt or killed. There is no real violence and we all go back to our regular lives without any damage being done. Twitter fights are not only good entertainment they are actually a good thing because no one gets physically hurt from them.

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