Seven Marvel Characters That Could Beat Superman in a Fight

7. The Hulk

Superman is practically godlike aside from his weakness to kryptonite. While the Marvel Universe has many characters there aren’t too many that could beat the crap out of Superman. Hulk here, is one that could.

We all know why. The Hulk is so strong and pissed off that he shrugs off all attacks against him. Bullets bounce off of him, tanks are tossed aside like toys, concrete walls crumble into dust when they get in his way.

In terms of his sheer strength and ferocity, when Hulk is focused on his opponent, nothing stops him. Should he get hold of Superman, he’d slam him into a pulp like he did to Loki in the Avengers movie. Hulk smash.

6. Sentry

Sentry is, in a way, Marvel’s Superman- only more powerful and suffering from amnesia and schizophrenia. He can fly, teleport, read minds, turn invisible, phase, resurrect others,has super strength and has the power of “a million exploding suns.” He’s also just about invincible.

When you can do everything Superman can do and more, what else is there to say? One day this guy drank a superhero serum and essentially became a god. Sentry has fought the most powerful Marvel characters to a standstill, even some on this list.

5. Galactus

Galactuseats planets. Yes, planets. He can teleport entire galaxies through space if he wants. That’s the thing about Galactus, his cosmic power is seemingly endless, so if you can think it he’s probably done it.

How do you fight someone that can create wormholes and travel through dimensions on a whim? If Superman tried to fight him, Galactus could simply rearrange his molecules into a planet sized slice of cake. All because he can.

4. Thor

The thunder god can fly, lift a hammer made out of a collapsed star, breathe in space, and is just about invincible. He’s a god! These abilities and armour alone would make him a match for Superman, and his thunderbolts could fry him in an instant.

Thor said he’d get rid of all the frost giants. I don’t see any frost giants. Do you? Exactly. A god that spends his days fighting other gods and winning wouldn’t fear Superman in the slightest.

3. Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde is a member of the X-Men with an interesting power- she can phase through objects, as well as living things. A fight with Superman would be short lived, as Kitty could just phase her hand into Superman’s chest and rip out his heart.

That might be more fitting in a game of Mortal Kombat rather than a comic book, but that’s all it would take. No kryptonite needed.

2. Rogue

Rogue is awesome. She can fly, she’s super strong, and she has a cool swagger about her. Her powers don’t end there either. Rogue’s one of the most powerful X-Men because of her defining mutant ability- she can still other mutants’ powers.

When Rogue touches someone, she drains the life from them as well as their abilities. Superman might not be a mutant, put a touch from Rogue would weaken him greatly as Rogue would begin to use all his powers against him. If she hangs on long enough, Superman dies. Don’t mess with Rogue.

1.Professor X

Another character from Marvel’s X-Men Universe and the man who created the X-Men is Charles Xavier. The old and compassionate professor doesn’t look all too threating, but he is arguably one of the most powerful superheroes ever.

Professor X can read the thoughts of others as well as manipulate their actions. With this power he can locate, speak to, or take control of anyone he likes unless they have a special helmet on, like Magneto or Juggernaut. Should he choose to, Xavier can focus this mental power to kill anyone he likes. Not even Superman can fight through an exploding brain.

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