Ten Black Friday Facts

1. Black Friday is Global: Canada’s Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in October instead of November. But the Great White North has gotten on the Black Friday bus, in order to keep its citizens from crossing the border to look for deals. In the UK they adapted Black Friday deals in spite of bodies of water coupled with distance from America. Its been a boom in the UK, but there is a backlash in fear that the British is embracing American Consumerism.

2. Some chains can’t wait till Black Friday or until the crack of dawn: In 2014 several retailers decided to open their stores at late afternoon and early evening. Prior to that stores opened upon at the stroke of midnight. Some of the workers protested these moves and called for a walkout. JCPenney opened their stores one year as early as 3 p.m. Some stores have listened to the workers that want to full Turkey Day off. If you’re working for Barnes & Noble, Nordstrom, and Costco; Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the day off, but get ready for Black Friday because we have to make money somehow.

3. When Cyber Monday merges with Black Friday: For a while the online deals came on the Monday after Black Friday, but with online retailing growing fast, Cyber Monday is likely going to merged into the Black Friday juggernaut. In 2014, online shoppers in American spent $1.33 billion. $2.4 billion alone was on Black Friday itself. More than half did shopping in a physical store, but the online shoppers is getting close to trumping the old way of finding bargains.

4. Black Friday may not be an official holiday: But certain states like California recognize this day as “The Day After Thanksgiving.” Great thing about working for the government. You can really be lazy on certain days and get paid for them.

5. The Philadelphia Origin: The term Black Friday apparently comes from Philadelphia as a term to describe the heavy traffic of pedestrian and vehicles.

6. Other Origins: It also means when retailers are able to turn a profit rather than a loss. The Black Friday term was used to describe and stock market crashes in the 1800’s.

7. Deals on Jewelry and Furniture tend to be the worst. Deals on Books, Movies (DVD or Digital), Music (CD’s vinyl, Digital) tend to be the best.

8. Toys have the most deals than any other items on Black Friday.

9. Best Selling item on Black Friday: PJ’s, and they do sell out fast. Walmart is making sure they are plenty of sleepwear for those who don’t always want to sleep in the skin at times.

10. Second Biggest Holiday of the year: Super Saturday tends to be the biggest shopping day and that is the last Saturday before Christmas Day.

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