Ten Incompetent Cartoon Villains

1. Wild E. Coyote: He claims to be genius. But he is not. He loves buying gadgets from Acme, and likely their biggest and favorite customer. All this just to capture Road Runner; and on a few occasions his eyes on were on Bugs Bunny, in which Mr. Coyote was allowed to speak. Still the rascally ‘wabbit’ and the super sonic bird can put the Coyote in his place. He admitted to Bugs that is name is mud in two of the shorts that Wild E. tried to catch the rabbit. Just remember that Mud spelled backwards is Dumb…yeah you have to add the B. No Wild E (and you know it), catching the Road Runner in spite of a height disadvantage does not count either (“Soup or Sonic” from 1980), but it’s still funny to watch.

2. Jessie, James and Meowth: Why Giovanni (the brains behind Team Rocket) has not fired them is beyond me. Ash Ketchum (his Pokemon and his human companions) or their own stupidity usually defeats this trio trying to help their boss conquer the Pokémon world…or not. Other team rocket parings also tip their hats to strong icons of the past including Butch Cassidy, and Annie Oakley, and Atilla the Hun. Jessie James (along with a Meowth) is still the alpha paring, but regardless of the paring TR is usually “blasting off again.”

3. Dick Dastardly: He can’t win an auto race, and he can’t stop Yankee Doodle Pigeon. Plus, Muttley is the smarter one. Funny how Paul Winchell used that same character voice when he got to play Gargamel on Hanna-Barbara’s adaption of Smurfs. At least Gargamel was a danger unlike Dastardly. He still would lose to those blue guys…and they were mostly guys and a few ladies that he created but no mas…Gargamel would still be tormented by the smurfy blue.

4. Duke Sigmund Igthorn (from Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears): This guy needs to work on his tactical skills instead of seeking a quick fix of Gummiberry Juice (it makes humans temporally strong once a day while it makes the Gummi temporary elastic every time) or trying to discover any other secrets that the Gummi’s hold dear if he wants to stick it to King Gregor once and for all.

5. Elmyra Duff (from Tiny Toon Adventures): She is not evil, but she does not know how to treat animals properly.

6. The Brain: The mouse has an obsession of being a world ruler. Only to get defeated by his own brain…really. Or its just down right bad luck. The biggest bad luck Brain had was he and his dimwitted companion Pinky being paired up with Elmyra Duff. The biggest killers of great TV programs have been the suits that run the business.

7.Yosemite Sam: Between Bugs Bunny’s main rivals I always liked Sam a whole lot better than Elmer Fudd. Smaller in size and his known for his mouth and double guns. They always found a way to integrated his character into non-themed western shorts and he is still the same character we love to see. Fail that is. If Bugs Bunny was not getting his goat, then the late drug store chain Skaggs was. But hey they did love him as a customer.

8. Elmer Fudd: He belongs on the list. He did get a few wins. One of them he did not feel good about, but it was the opera parody that tipped its hat to Wagner (“What’s Opera Doc”). Most of the time Bugs can trick him and point Elmer’s sights on Daffy Duck instead.

9. Tom Cat: Most of the time Tom is the villain when comes to dealing with Jerry Mouse, but for crying out loud; he is a cat after all. Hey at least he does not always have Jerry as his target of his meal.

10. The Little Man (from The Pink Panther shorts): What is his beef with Pink? Guess Pink Panther needed a best enemy…that is all. Incompetent sadly this man is for sure.

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