The 10 Best Comedies of All-Time

1. There’s Something About Mary. Even at 19 years old, this movie swings for huge laughs, and lands every one. The notorious ‘hair gel’ scene gets all the attention, but the whole movie is full of jokes that endure.

2. Zombieland– An absolute treasure of a movie, with zombies, a charming Emma Stone, and Bill Murray who dies beautifully.

3. Groundhog Day – Bill Murray at his absolute finest. This movie is still referenced years on because it remains one of the most inventive, funny and charming movies ever produced.

4. Anchorman – Basically Will Farrell can do no wrong, and his Anchorman franchise proves it. He’s arrogant, ridiculous, and utterly laugh-out-loud funny as Ron Burgundy. The supporting cast and cameos are just as funny as the lead, which means you basically never stop laughing.

5. 40 Year old Virgin – Steve Carrell’s depiction of a forty year old virgin is hilarious, but the movie has real heart, which is why this movie is on everyone’s top ten list of greatest comedies of all time.

6. The Hangover – The ultimate douchebro movie also happens to be hilarious. The set up is funny, the actors are perfect and distinct and Mike Tyson’s cameos give it real punch.

7. Airplane – The classic funny movie with stupidity, absurdity, slapstick and plain old nonsense.

8. Bridesmaids – A hilarious, stand-out performance by Kristen Wiig and her SNL alum, Maya Rudolf, manage to be as gross, inappropriate and hilarious as The Hangover, while also having a lot of heart. It’s a chick flick even dudes will love.

9. Trading Places – An absolute classic. Eddie Murphy plays street hustler Billy Ray Valentine whose fortune changes when two aristocratic assholes decide to make a bet that they can make him a respectable member of the upper class. To do that, they essentially switch his life with Louis Winthorpe III, played by Dan Ackroyd. The results can still make you laugh today. To demonstrate just how old school this movie is, be prepared for the brazen use of the N word.

10. The Cornetto Trilogy: Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and World’s End – Admittedly this is a cheat because it includes three movies, but you really need to watch all three to get the full effect of them. Hilarious, inappropriate, and funnier than you’re probably expecting, watch them straight through.

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