The 10 Cutest Puppy Videos of All Time

If you want a rough job, try sifting through hours of adorable puppy footage to choose your ten favorite. Oh, it’s so tough. It means you have to say no to hundreds of tiny adorable nosies and ears and waggly tails!

We at Grumpy Sloth suffer so you don’t have to, or at least so you can argue with us that we missed your faves. Maybe you’ll find some new faves in this batch of precocious pups. Either way, these diminutive doggos are destined to brighten your day.

10. Surely this is the handy work of a company like Mattel or Hasbro. This puff ball cannot possibly be real.

9. What’s better than one adorable puppy? A short compilation of all sorts of adorable puppies!

8. How could we leave off the internet’s (and the Queen’s) favorite: corgis!

7. This brave pupper dreams in his human’s lap.

6. This might be the cutest meet up between Pomeranians ever caught on film.

5. This precious chihuahua pup takes its first swoon-worthy swim.

4. The infamous Boo gives out plushies of himself to adorable kids at the children’s hospital.

3. Dachshund puppies still come across as elegant even though they are precious.

2. When you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and all hope is lost, two and a half minutes of puppies chasing their tails is your therapy.

And finally, this Frenchie baby bounces and barks with his bitty batwing ears to soothe your brain.

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