The 10 Most Dangerous Insects on Earth

These aren’t your average creepy crawly spiders and ants! While my friends and family think I’m a HUGE baby because I hyperventilate and jump up on the couch at the sight of most bugs… all y’all are about to meet the insects that will give you absolute nightmares.

#10 Kissing Bug
Kissing bugs, also known as assassin bugs, love to get on your skin and take a big large bite. The problem with this is that if there is fecal matter on its mouth when it bites you, you will contract the Chagas disease. This little parasitic disease won’t cause much problem until 10-30 years after the bite but at that time you will suffer heart failure.

#9 Fleas
Just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous. Remember that little thing called the BUBONIC PLAGUE? These rat fleas killed 60% of the population of Europe and are still around today. They are a perfect carrier for disease between animals and human animals. Considering the death count they’ve caused, they have earned their spot on the list.

#8 Bullet Ants
Bullet ants are massive scary looking creatures who work quickly with a hive mind. Their bite is described asexcruciatingly painful, similar to being shot by a bullet. Not only that but the pain can last a full day without respite.

#7Bot Fly
The bot fly is just a super nasty nasty bug. I have put my poor anxiety ridden self through the ringer searching for dangerous bugs and I already feel creepy crawlies under my skin. THIS BUG is where I nearly went over the edge… mostly because of the video. Knowing the fact that the boy fly can lay its eggs on your skin so that they can burrow into your skin to hatch, is nothing compared to watching it. The flies eventually do hatch causing severe infection of the skin and weird infection. If you want to watch a video of them pulling the larvae out prepare to throw up.

#6 Africanized Honey Bee
These bees are exactly like your average honey bee but with a different mindset—making them not like your average honey bee. Over the years, this breed of bee has evolved to protect itself against predators like the honey badger with deadly force. Every bee can pump 10x the amount of venom into you than the average honey bee and they are also ten times more aggressive. In recent years, humans have become predators who threaten the Africanized bee. Just stay away if you believe you have come across this flying attacker because he’ll bring his hive minded friends.

#5Tsetse fly
Listen… your best bet is to not travel if you don’t want to run into the tsetse fly. This fly is as big as a house fly. It’s a bloodsucker that can leave you with a special gift when it’s done, it puts parasites into your body. Those parasites cause sleeping sickness which gives the affected drowsiness and joint-pain in early stages, leading up to death later.

#4Asian giant hornet
These are the ones you NEVER want to see. As big as your thumb, they can repeatedly stab you dissolving tissue with every sting. They feed on larger insects and bee larvae but nest in rat holes or any holes in the ground. The hornets in your backyard have a lot of attitude when you come around… imagine if that thing were 5 times bigger?

Also known as army ants these ants leave nothing in their path. Found in Central and East Africa these are large army ants who have more than 20 million per colony. The scary thing about these ants is that as migrate, they use their giant pincers that can cut through almost anything. They travel in packs of up to 50 million, but luckily, they are very slow at twenty meters a day. These ants give a whole new meaning to the ants go marching one by one hurrah, hurrah.

#2 Brown recluse
These spiders are often mistaken for their similarly colored friends, the wolf spiders. The problem is that they are much more dangerous with their very venomous bite. Its bite will rot away the layers of skin and can make a very bad festering wound. If you don’t take care of the wound, you are inevitably headed for the grave. I’ve seen the damage this bite did to a friend 15 years later… it was not a pretty site.

#1 Mosquitos
I bet you didn’t expect to see this one here… Mosquitos carry malaria and other diseases making them the biggest killers in the insect kingdom. They are the most effective carriers of disease making them the cause of millions of deaths each year. While west nile virus isn’t a huge deal and is very treatable, imagine if that bloodsucker biting you was carrying malaria instead? Think about that the next time you kill a mosquito.

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