The 10 Most Hilarious Glamour Shot Portraits

Don’t you just miss those good, old-fashioned glamour shots of the 80’s? You know, those professional sexy photos that made everyone look like a million bucks? Okay, maybe not everyone. In fact, many of the shots are actually downright comical. Here is our list of the 10 most hilarious portraits:

1. When things get a little hairy…

2. Now, THAT’s how you work asmokin’ hot bod!

3. Oh, so sultry!

4. Hey man, got more beer?

5. Voted “Scout Most Likely to be a Serial Killer” last year.

6. They’ve been working on this pose for months.

7. Well, that’s gotta hurt!

8. Because nobody rocks a mullet better than us!

9. When you just can’t get your pet out of your head.

10. And the “Parents of the Year” award goes to…

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