The 10 Most Offensive Halloween Costumes of All-Time

10. A used maxi-pad

Really, only a man could think this was a good idea.

9. Dress Your Son Up as a Condom

The poor little guy probably thinks he’s a Greek warrior

8. Zombie Steve Jobs

A million Apple fanboys will kick your ass for this one.

7. The Twin Towers

Not now. Not ever.

6. A Pregnant Nun

Which can only be topped by…

5. A Paedophile Priest

Honestly, some people are warped.

4. Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

Things are bad when the fact that the guy is in blackface is not quite the most offensive thing about this,

3. Jackie Kennedy

Oh look, her husband’s brains. How festive.

2. Baby Hitler

What an adorable genocidal maniac!

1. Sexy Donald Trump

Just. No.

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