The 10 Most Unbreakable Guinness World Records

1. Heaviest aircraft pulled

Kevin Fast pulled off something that doesn’t even seem like it should be physically possible for a human to do. He pulled an airplane that weighs 416,229 pounds, 28.8 feet. He pulled it with nothing more than some ropes and his own body.

2. Most atomic blasts survived.

Tsutomu Yamaguchi was there that horrific day came, when the U.S dropped Little Boy on Hiroshima. He was travelling on a business trip to Hiroshima the day the bombs dropped. He went through this terrifying experience and lived to the tale. Three days later, Yamaguchi was back at work in his hometown of Nagasaki when the bombs dropped once again. Miraculously, he somehow survived this bombing as well. This record is not going to be usurped by anybody, as even if someone does survive more atomic blasts than this man did; I doubt the Guinness company is going to be around to update the books.

3. Most lightning strikes survived.

Roy Sullivan survived getting hit by lightning 7separate times. If you ever feel like you’re unlucky, keep Roy Sullivan in mind. The chances of getting hit by lightning are about 1 in 1,000,000, meaning that the chance you’ll be struck by lightning 7 times in your lifetime is so small it’s hard to comprehend. Let me put it this way, you are more likely to win the Powerball 4 times than you are to get struck by lightning 7 times.

4. Heaviest weight pulled by a tongue.

The record for the heaviest weight pulled by a tongue is 27 pounds, performed by Thomas Blackthorne. Blackthorne has held this record since 2004, and the only person that’s ever broken his record is himself, which he’s done three times since then.

5. Oldest milk tooth.

The oldest milk tooth belongs to Joyce Walen. This 87-year-old woman still has a baby tooth in her mouth to this day. It seems unlikely that anybody will be able to keep a baby tooth for longer than her!

6. Water speed record.

This record is truly one that is unbreakable. The fastest water speed ever achieved is 318 mph, set in 1978 by Ken Warby. The main reason this record is unbreakable is because Guinness doesn’t allow people to try and break it anymore, because the fatality rate for attempts is 85%.

7. Most law suits filed by one person.

Jonathan Lee Riches is the holder of this record, this man has filed over 4000 lawsuits in his lifetime. An overwhelming majority of his lawsuits have been dismissed and led to absolutely nothing. In fact, he even filed a law suit against Guinness when they tried to give him his record. Like most of his other suits, this one was dismissed as well.

8. World’s fattest man.

Jon Brower Minnoch is the heaviest person to ever live. At his absolute heaviest, he weighed 1400 pounds! His obscene weight had detrimental effects on his health, and as a result, he died at age 41.

9. Strangest diet

Michel Lotito holds one of the weirdest world records, which is for the strangest diet. Lotito suffered from a disease known as Pica. Pica makes you want to eat things that offer no nutritional value to the human body, and commonly are completely indigestible. Dirt and paint are common for people with Pica to eat, but Lotito was a more extreme case. His diet consisted of different types of metals and glass. At one point, he ate an entire Cessna 150 airplane! He was also known for eating bicycles on occasion.

10. Holding the most world records.

Ashrita Furman holds the prestigious record of holding the most records, at his peak having 600 records at one time. Currently, he has 191 records, as quite a few of his have been broken by other people. Still, that’s a mind-boggling amount of records. Most people don’t even have one world record, and this man had 600 at one point.

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