The 10 Most Useful Websites You Didn’t Know existed

1. CamelCamelCamel – this app helps you see the price history of items on Amazon to help you score the best price.

2. Downforeveryoneorjustme? This site tells you exactly that – whether a website is down or if the problem is on your end.

3. Mathway. Put in an equation and get the answer, no actual work involved. Face it, that’s what calculators and the internet were built for.

4. BugMeNot Instead of creating a new login for every website you visit, BugMeNot shares your existing logins across thousands of websites.

5. GetNotify tracks whether emails sent by you were opened, when, by whom, their location, browser info, and IP address.

6. Zamzar converts your files into whatever file you wish. Over 1200 file types are supported.

7. provides gentle and soothing ambient sounds like rain, thunder, fire and waves to help minimize distractions.

8. Adobe Color. This nifty website and app allows you to snap an image of any color in real life and create a pattern or brush and turn a shape into a vector graphic that you can use in all your apps.

9. is a library of product manuals. The site provides search box where it shows matching results as you type the product name, and then you can print a single page or the entire manual.

10. Proxify gives anonymous access to regionally blocked content.

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