The 10 worst mass murderers in American history

1. Stephen Paddock
I’m sure everyone knows about Stephen Paddock at this point. Not only is this the most recent mass murder in American history, but it is by far the deadliest. On October 1st, 2017, Stephen Paddock set up on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel and began to open fire into a large crowd of 22,000 people attending a concert. A gut-wrenching 546 people were shot or wounded, and 58 people were outright killed by this psychopath. As the SWAT team located him and began to close in, Paddock ended up killing himself.

2. Omar Mateen
Omar Mateen is responsible for horrific event known as the Orlando nightclub shooting. On June 12th, 2016, Omar Mateen shot and killed 49 people at a gay nightclub known as Pulse. He also non-fatally injured 58 other people at the club. It is the deadliest terrorist attack to happen in the United States since the attacks on September 11th. Omar Mateen was eventually gunned down by the police, ending a 3 hour long standoff.

3. Francisco Paula Gonzales
Francisco Paula Gonzales is responsible for the deaths everyone on board the Pacific Air Lines Flight 773, including himself. On May 7th, 1964, Francisco shot to death both the pilot and co-pilot on the flight right before he shot himself in the head. With a lack of pilots, the plane crashed, killing every single person on the plane. Overall, 44 people were killed including Francisco, with 3 of those people being crew members.

4.David A. Burke
David A. Burke did an eerily similar mass murder-suicide as Francisco Paula Gonzales, even down to the amount of people killed. He got on board Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 1771 on December 7th, 1987, and shot all members of the flight crew to death, condemning all the passengers on board to a horrifying death by plane crash. Unlike Gonzales, Burke did not kill himself with his gun. He died on impact like all the other passengers on the flight. In total, 43 people lost their lives.

5. Andrew Kehoe
Andrew Kehoe is the perpetrator of the deadliest school rampage in American history. On May 18th, 1927, he killed 44 people, including his wife and 38 school children by setting off a series of bombs in the school. He also seriously injured 58 people with his explosions. Eventually, he committed suicide by blowing his truck up with dynamite, killing some more people in the process. He also blew up his house, killing some of his animals.

6. Cho Seung-Hui
Cho Seung-Hui is the murderer behind the Virginia Tech shooting, which took place on April 16th, 2007. He shot 32 people to death, and injured 17 other people over the course of two attacks, roughly 2 hours apart. After the second attack, he killed himself. This was the largest mass-murder ever committed by a lone gunman in US history until the Orlando nightclub disaster. To this day, it remains the largest mass shooting at a school.

7. George Hennard
George Hennard is the man behind the Luby’s massacre. On October 16th, 1991, George Hennard drove his pickup truck through the window of a Luby’s Cafeteria in Texas. He then shot and killed 23 diners, and wounded 27 more. He and the police had a shootout, which eventually ended in Hennard refusing to surrender, and shooting himself in the head.

8. James Huberty
On July 18th, 1984, James Huberty shot 40 people, with 21 dying and 19 being injured, at a McDonalds in San Diego, California. This is known as the San Ysidro McDonald’s massacre. Eventually, Huberty was killed by a SWAT sniper.

9. Patrick Sherrill
Patrick Sherrill was a post office worker who snapped and shot 20 of his co-workers, killing 14 and injuring the remaining 6, right before killing himself, on August 20th, 1986. Patrick Sherrill is the inspiration behind the phrase “going postal”.

10. Jiverly Antares Wong
Jiverly Antares Wong is responsible for the deaths of 14 people including himself in Binghamton, New York. On April 3rd, 2009, Wong entered a civic immigration center that he had previously attended for English classes, and killed a teacher and students in his old classroom. This is the worst mass-murder that has happened in New York since the September 11th attacks.

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