The 15 Funniest Warning Signs of All Time

Warning signs exist to keep us safe. They warn us of unforeseen dangers that we may not know exist. However….sometimes the signs are more entertaining than informative. The following list of signs will make you wonder about your fellow humans for so many reasons.

1. Okay but do they have the right-of-way?

2. Yeah, they’re a choking hazard….toes however are much smaller and safer so feel free.

3. Ya know….the only thing funnier than this sign is what a person who didn’t read it looks like after they’ve been “splattered”.

4. Because “suicidal cattle” on a sign doesn’t paint the correct mental picture.

5. Clearly this sign is aimed at the superstitious among us.

6. Was this a problem before the sign went up?

7. I guess the sign is cheaper than catching him, trying him and keeping him in prison eh?

8. Sarcasm disguised as a safety sign….I like it!

9. Now this is just silly. The owner could hide the medications in his food if he really wanted to….

10. Here’s a sign aimed at people who fear pain.

11. Because those who fear bad smells deserved to be warned too?

12. I’ve heard of ski bunnies but….

13. HA! They forgot amble.

14. Is this a warning or a job offer?

15. Ain’t nobody got time for stupid questions.

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