The 15 Richest Neighborhoods in America on Google Street View

Some of us use Google Earth to look at places we dream of visiting, or to look up the addresses of old childhood homes. And some of us see a top 100 richest neighborhoods article in Bloomberg and just want to to cyberstalk the areas listed to see how the one percenters live.

We’ve done the hard part for you. These are street views of the fifteen richest areas of the United States based on 2015 average income. You can see where you get the most bang for your buck… when the streets aren’t so exclusive and tree-lined. Well, money does buy privacy!

15. Piedmont, California: $298.5

14. Highland Park, Texas: $303.3

13. Indian Hill, Ohio: $305.6

12. Glencoe, Illinois: $308.6

11. Great Falls, Virginia: $311.3

10. Winnetka, Illinois: $311.9

9. Darien, Connecticut: $313.3

8. Bronxville, New York: $317.1

7. Los Altos Hills, California: $333.8

6. Old Greenwich, Connecticut: $341.4

5. Short Hills, New Jersey: $346.8

4. Hillsborough, California: $368.9

3. Scarsdale, New York: $371.2

2. Cherry Hills Village, Colorado: $403.5

1. Atherton, California: $444.4

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