The 20 Best Wholesome Memes

I searched all over the internet to find the sweetest, softest, loveliest most wholesome memes out there and this is what I found. I enjoyed them and I hope you do too!

1. Awwwwww alert!

2. Love is seeing someone’s heart.

3. This pup is definitely a risk!

4. He loves his daddy.

5. I feel really guilty about all those evictions now.

6. Pure sweetness.

7. I love it when people notice the little things.

8. They only sent 80 men? Was the fight over decorations or something?

9. That’s funny, eh?

10. Well, Old Bailey is at it again.

11. Aw nutz!

12. Daddy knows best.

13. Bottoms up!

14. OMG! Yassss

15. I can’t even…cuteness overload.

16. I’m wait for the Aflac logo.

17. Never saw that coming.

18. Squish!

19. LOL. I hope this guy made it home okay.

20. Now that is some sushi!

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