The 20 Funniest Rejected Billboards of All-Time

I’m a big fan of a good billboard and even bigger fan of a funny one. Driving can be so tedious sometimes especially if you have a long commuted or are taking a trip. Billboards are the one thing that you can see and read without risking the lives of everyone on the road and in your car. Sadly, not everyone is a fan of the funny ones because if they were the twenty rejects I found would not have been kicked to the curb. Enjoy!

1. Bottoms up!

2. Perhaps he should go to Chicka-fillet?

3. Only if you eat it in one bite.

4. Awkward!

5. Had a drink, I hope!

6. And the ice cream machine works too!

7. Entry in the rear?

8. This makes me want to eat a whale.

9. Makes a grand statement, then refutes it. Check!

10. Yeah this seems like a good plan.

11. Is one of them the hair?

12. What town was this?

13. Isn’t that animal husbandry?

14. Oh Jesus!

15. They mean it too!

16. Do chickens drive?

17. It takes a village y’all.

18. Next….

19. Ba dumtsch!

20. And now I’m blind!

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