The 20 funniest “that’s what she said” photos

This was really hard. I almost pulled out. I was up all night doing it. It’s long but I hope itwill leave you satisfied.

Check out thislist of the funniest 20 “That’s What She Said”photosI put together and giggle like a 12-year-old boy. I promise there’s a happy ending.

1. He took too many strokes.

2. That’s what she said, or he said.

3. Turning on the TV.

4. More to swallow, too.

5. Now that’s what I call a Happy Meal.

6. Yoda the wise.

7. That’s what happens when you’re playing with wands and riding brooms.

8. Why so serious?

9. Take it from me!

10. That time the entire country talked about Tom Brady’s balls.

11. Yoda ain’t dicking around.

12. Maybe that’s what she said to you.

13. Apparently she says that a lot.

14. Makes you want to find out what’s in those drawers.

15. Oompaloompadoompety doo, I’ve got another ‘That’s What She Said” for you.

16. For the Trekkies.

17. It’s marvelous!

18. “Tongueing is necessary.”

19. No heavy petting.

20. I’m sorry –WHAT’S broken?

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