The 20 greatest nerd wedding photos

Everyone dreams of the perfect wedding, where the bride is dressed in a flowing white gown and the groom is all done up on a penguin suit. The bridesmaids look like dolls, all decked out in complementary dresses, and the groomsmen look like they’re about to pick up their prom dates.
Well, okay, not EVERYONE. Some people need more “nerd” in their special day.
They are the best kind of people.

1. Star Wars! Always a good choice.

2. The super-est of weddings!

3. Minecraft! The piggie is my favorite.

4. I wouldn’t rely on them for your security

5. Why is Batman ignoring The Joker for Wonderwoman?

6. World of Warcraft! Alliance is where it’s at.

7. Zelda!

8. Harry Potter! Are they battling for the last piece of the wedding cake?

9. Halo!

10. Borderlands!

11. Game of Thrones!

12. Doctor Who!

13. Alice In Wonderland!

14. Evil Dead!

15. Comic book theme!

16. Fallout!

17. This is how I want to get married

18. Little Mermaid!

19. Star Trek!

20. Star Wars is popular, but can you blame them? It makes for some epic shots!

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