The 20 Most Embarrassing Wedding Photos

When it comes to the perfect fairytale wedding, capturing the ideal photo of the day is certainly a must. But, sometimes it’s just best to put the camera down rather than catch a mortifying shot that will end up on the Internet.

Here are some of our favorite all-time embarrassing photos we just had to share.

1.The bridesmaids wedge

2.Awkward wardrobe malfunction

3.Capturing the moment

4.When the best man just doesn’t want to cooperate

5.A complete disaster that was a fantastic idea in theory

6.Acrobat bride on the monkey bars

7.The bicycling photo-bomber

8.Getting ready to crawl down the aisle…after another sip

9.You may now kiss the bride…or her dog

10.Just ‘squeezing in’ the bath before the wedding

11.Hey man, wrong bride

12.Oh my!

13. We’re so excited we forgot to wear our tuxedos

14.’Till death do us part’

15.Okay, this is just plain weird

16.A little dog porn for the honeymoon

17.Epic wedding day photo fail


19.Whoah…he’s got some really bad breath

20.Leave it a speedo dude photo-bomber to ruin a good photo

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