The 20 Most Interesting People in World History to Invite to a Dinner Party

If you could invite the 20 most interesting people in world history to a dinner party who would you invite? Wouldn’t it be exciting to see these certain historical figures mingle together? What would you want to ask each one of them? And what do you think they would say to each other?

While your answers may be a bit different, here is a list of the 20 most interesting people in world history to invite to a dinner party.

1. Jesus

Jesus Christ is the central figure of Christianity. He is known as the Word of God that came into the world as flesh to walk among man. Also known as the Son of God, He is believed by Christians to be the Messiah who was prophesized about in the Old Testament. He is recognized for performing healings and miracles and for gathering many followers. But the essence of His very existence on earth was to die for the sins of man so that man can have eternal life.

Jesus is, by far, the most influential leader who ever walked the earth. We know this by the mere fact that after His resurrection, Christianity spread like wildfire across the globe. Many Christians have been (and are still being) persecuted for His name’s sake. That’s some serious unmistakable power, and this writer certainly can’t wait to sit at the dinner table with Him one day.

On the other hand, whether you are a believer or not, dinner with Jesus would definitely be a partysince He has the extraordinary power to turn water into wine.

2. Muhammad

The Prophet Muhammad was the founder of Islam. Born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Muhammad was a deeply spiritual man who spent a great deal of time in meditation on Mount Hira. Believing that Allah had chosen him as a personal messenger, Muhammad began to preach what he believed Allah had revealed to him. The clear-cut message of Islam is that:there is no God but Allah, and that life should be lived in complete submission to Allah.

How fascinating it would be to have Muhammad and Jesus sitting at the same dinner table together. Can’t you just picture it already?

3. George Washington

Known as the “Indispensible Man,” George Washington was the commander of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War and the first president of the United States. He also helped frame the U.S. Constitution.

It would only be proper to have the “Father of Our Nation” at the head of the dinner table.

4.Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence, was a leading figure in America’s birth and was also the third president of the United States. During his two terms in office, the United States purchased the Louisiana Territory and Lewis and Clark explored the vast portions of what is now known as the western parts of the U.S.

Wouldn’t it be fun to ask him what it was like to write one of the most profound documents known to man?

5. Martin Luther King Jr.

The extraordinary Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is widely noted for his unique vision, moral courage, and dedication to the civil rights movement in America, which worked toward equal rights for all.

Why wouldn’t we want to surround ourselves with men of this caliber?

6. Napoleon Bonaparte

A powerful and successful military general, Napoleon Bonaparte became the first emperor of France. The world was surely transformed by his military expansion. While he was small in stature, he did leave behind a giant legacy.

So, we certainly wouldn’t be “short changed” by having this huge historical figure hang out with us for the evening.

7. Joan of Arc

This “Maid of Orleans,” Joan led the French army to victory over the English during the Hundred Years’ War. She was captured a year later and burned at the stake. A courageous martyr, she was later canonized as a Roman Catholic saint.

Who wouldn’t want this badass lady at their dinner party?

8. Alexander the Great

Macedonian King Alexander the Great was the conqueror of the Persian Empire and is considered to be one of the greatest military geniuses of all times.

So, what would you like to ask the guy who never lost a single battle?

9. Plato

Plato was an Athenian philosopher and an important figure of the Ancient Greek Empire. He has also been very influential to Western thought. In his most famous work, “Republic,” his intent was to establish the ideal state, a state that would stand as a model for all existing or emerging societies.

Why not invite the Greek who is known for having broad shoulders?

10. Adolf Hitler

As evil as he was, Adolf Hitler was a very powerful and spellbinding speaker. He was able to attract Germans who were demoralized (after WW I) and desperate for change. His rise to power was rapid as he and the Nazi party appealed to the young, the unemployed, and the lower middle class.

Perhaps, this mass murderer should be seated next to Jesus?

11. Winston Churchill

This great British statesman, Winston Churchill dedicated himself to a life of public service. While he is mostly remembered for successfully leading Britain through World War II, he is also known for his inspiring speeches. Churchill is considered to be the greatest Briton of all time.

It would be a blast to hear him launch into one of hisimprov speeches while smoking an after-dinner cigar.

12. Cleopatra

This Egyptian queen is famous for her relationship with Julius Caesar as well as her marriage to Mark Antony. She was only 17 years old when she took the throne, but quickly became one of the most powerful rulers in Egyptian history.

Don’t you just want to ask her who did her hair and makeup?

13. Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar is the Roman leader who expanded the Roman Empire through a series of battles across Europe before declaring himself dictator. In 44 B.C., he was stabbed 23 times on the steps of the Senate by a mob of rebellious senators.

Forget about the cheesy, backstabbing (literally) politicians in the Senate. We’d rather hear him talk about the time he was kidnapped by pirates.

14. William Shakespeare

This English playwright, actor, and poet, is considered to be the greatest dramatist that ever existed. A global sensation, his works have been performed in various venues throughout the world for over 400 years.

Shakespeare would be the perfect pre-dinner performance for the party. “Wherefore art thou Romeo” or something like that, after all.

15. Albert Einstein

Most people know Albert Einstein for his famous equation E=mc2. The father of modern physics, Einstein revolutionized the way we look at the world through his Theory of Relativity.

It just never hurts to be in a room with people who are much smarter than you.

16. Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin is mostly known for his work as the naturalist who developed the theory of evolution. His theory still conflicts with Creationism today, which is the religious view that everything in nature was created by God.

We would certainly love to hear the dialogue between Jesus and Darwin.

17. Aristotle

This ancient Greek philosopher and scientist was one of the greatest intellectual figures of Western history. He was a student of Plato and a teacher to Alexander the Great. Most importantly, he made significant contributions to every aspect of human knowledge.

If we are going to invite Alexander the Great, it only makes sense to invite his favorite teacher.

18. George Orwell

This English writer and critic is most famous for his best-selling novels Animal Farm (1945) and Nineteen Eighty-four (1949). His insightful book, Nineteen Eighty-four gives readers a glimpse at what would happen if government has total control over every aspect of a person’s life.

He was a bit prophetic for his day. We’d have to ask him how he could see the writing on the wall back then.

19. King Tut

King Tutankhamen ruled Egypt as pharaoh for ten years until the time of his death (at the early age of 19). However, he did not become famous until 32 centuries after his death, when his mummified body and treasure-stuffed tomb were discovered in 1922.

Since he’s all mummified,it just seems like he’d be the life of the party.

20. Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi was the primary leader of India’s independence movement and was also the creator of a non-violent civil disobedience movement that had powerful influence on the rest of the world.

Of course, Gandhi’s got be invited…because who doesn’t love Gandhi?

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