The 20 Most Ironic Photos on the Internet

Rosemary Ribner

We all love good irony some of us nuts even love bad irony but to me all irony is fuel for good jokes. I scoured the interweb to find the most ironic photos available and I think you won’t ever do better than these gems here. So, without further ado, the 20 most ironic photos on the internet

1. I’ll get right on that!

2. What a crock!

3. Not sure it is…

4. Think safety but do whatever.

5. Hmmmmm

6. Did not see that coming!

7. I can’t even.

8. Yum!

9. Maybe it’s different in the big city.

10. Now that’s a fire!

11. Bummer!

12. Red paint though is cool.

13. I don’t burn my cals till I’m inside either!

14. I feel they should have elaborated a bit.

15. Nothing. Ever.

16. Makes sense.

17. Starting now!

18. Ouch.

19. Maybe he should not have packed them all?

20. Thar she blows!

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