The 20 Sluttiest Wedding Dresses

Every little girl dreams of her wedding day… the cake, the flowers, the dress, the cleavage – wait, what? Maybe we don’t all dream the same way. Some little girls grow up wanting to wear the sluttiest, most revealing wedding dresses they can get their engagement-ringed hands on, apparently.

There are some shocking, eye-popping outfits out there that will have you scratching your head. When it comes to weddings, you’ll see that some people use the word “dress” very loosely.

Here are the 20 sluttiest wedding dresses you will ever see!

1. Apparently this girl was worried all eyes wouldn’t be on her at her own wedding.

2. Somehow she was not the only bride who wore this dress! How does it even stay on?!

3. Did he pick her out of a harem?

4. Ladies, don’t forget to do the lean over test when you’re trying on wedding dresses.

5. All it takes is just one little gust of wind…

6. I think she’s realizing a little late that her dress doesn’t cover her.

7. I could NEVER ask my dad to walk me down the aisle in that!

8. Nothing says, “I’ll love you forever,” like an open, sheer top at the wedding.

9. Katie Price being her usual slutty self at her wedding.

10. You just know this girl’s motto is, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.”

11. A bridal dress that doubles as a swimsuit!

12. I don’t even know the difference between wedding dresses and lingerie at this point!

13. Ok, maybe this one doesn’t quite count as a dress…

14. For the chaste bride.

15. They don’t seem to have finished her dress in time.

16. For those who don’t want to go topless, here’s a dress that lets you flash their crotch at your guests as you walk down the aisle.

17. Another choice for the casual flash.

18. You knew My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding had to make an appearance.

19. Bonus: Slutty bride AND slutty bridesmaid!

20. It’s as if someone saw the previous dresses and said, “Here, hold my beer.”

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