The 21 Most Bizarre Craigslist Ads of All-Time

Craigslist has a history of being a very sketchy and creepy version of Ebay or Amazon.
These ads to absolutely nothing to help that image.

1. Someone had an awful lot of time on their hands

2. Oh so THAT is where my ham went!

3. You know, I think I’ll pass

4. Oh HELL no!

5. *shudders violently*

6. I don’t think she’s just looking for a baby sitting position…

7. What?? WHY?!?

8. Imitation crab meat, you say? I’m in!

9. I’m thinking some serious therapy is in order

10. I just realized what my life is missing

11. Options

12. Do you want Hepatitis? This is how you get Hepatitis.

13. Unique doesn’t mean useful

14. Classic

15. Best. Troll. Ever.

16. That’s just (hilariously) inappropriate

17. I guess the question is, do you really want it back?

18. Smells like a scam waiting to happen

19. But why does this exist in the first place?

20. This is how you end up murdered in a forest

21. The most disturbing part of this is how they cut the cake

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