The 25 Best Overly Manly Man Memes

“Don’t be stupid. Of course I want cigarettes on my sandwich.” And, “Can opener? You mean teeth?”And “Workout gloves? You mean sissy mittens?”

Of course, we love our overly manly man memes. So, here are 25 of the best ones on the Internet:

1. Coaster?

2. Chest Hair?

3. Do You Like My Bear Rug?

4. Mosh Pit?

5. Pop Music?

6. Permanent Scar?

7. No Ammo?

8. Boxing Gloves?

9. Follow?

10. Cold Medicine?

11. 2nd Amendment

12. Hurricanes?

13. That Steel Sponge….

14. Rest Day?

15. Safe Spaces?

16. How Do You Like Your Eggs?

17. I’m Too Hairy?

18. I Cut Down A Tree With…

19. Cop Pulled Me Over…

20. Combat Deployment?

21. Band-Aid?

22. I Can’t Have Feelings Like That…

23. 60 Hour Work Week?

24. Instruction Manual?

25. Back Scratcher?

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