The 25 funniest beach photos of all time

The beach is for relaxing, drinking a cold beer and getting your toes wet when the weather gets too hot.
It’s also a hunting ground for people who want to take hilarious candid photos of complete strangers.
Like these!

1.Total Dad Move

2. Trouble In Paradise?

3. Why You Should Never Leave Children Alone At The Beach

4. In Other News…

5. Beaches Provide Epic Photobomb Opportunities

6. You’re Not The Only One Looking For Shade

7. Taken The Second Before EPIC Disaster

8. Their Desire To Play Beer Pong Was Really Strong

9. That’s Just… Unfortunate

10. Beaches Aren’t Just For People

11. Sister’s Gotta Surf!

12. Boys Ruin Everything

13. Jaws’ Revenge

14. So Wrong On So Many Levels

15. Never Let Your Friends Bury You In The Sand

16. “Fail” Indeed

17. That’s Gotta Hurt

18. That’s One Way To Stay Afloat…

19. Well… You Nailed It

20. “Honey, Let’s Go To The Beach And See The Livestock!”

21. Huh?

22. You’re Not The Only One With A Camera


24. When You Hate Life But Still Wanna Surf

25. He Looks Very, Very Lost

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