The 25 Funniest Overly Attached Girlfriend Memes

The 25 Funniest Overly Attached Girlfriend Memes

Laina, better known as the face behind the Overly Attached Girlfriend memes, has provided us with boatloads of borderline psychotic – yet hilarious – memes. Here are some of the best.

1. Wait, this isn’t normal?

2. Now we share EVERYTHING

3. “Who were you LOLing at??”

4. “She sounds hideous”

5. #Trapped

6. Always be suspicious

7. *crosses arms*

8. Sometimes you just need a little reminder

9. “Sleep apnea kills. I just want to protect you.”

10. So relaxing

11. Planning is important

12. And you would have gotten away with it too…

13. Clearly he’s not honest with you

14. You’re in trouble

15. *turns off radio*

16. I think I read a book about this once.

17. Don’t mind the dent

18. Oh lord have mercy…

19. *blinks innocently*

20. Ten minutes is a long time in overly attached girlfriend years

21. “This girl is on fire”

22. “Why is she always talking to you???”

23. “Your responses are always so much better in my mind.”

24. It’s romantic!

25. “You have so much, I didn’t think you would miss this chunk here”

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