The 25 most hilarious license plates

One of the easiest ways to express yourself is to put vanity plates on your vehicle. If you can manage to get your application by the DMV censors you can send a message, tell people about yourself or just show off your wit. These people manage to do all of the above and then some. Enjoy the 25 most hilarious license plates.

1. Was this the prize for signing one?

2. So this Impala only comes out at night?

3. Because “Pull Me Over” wouldn’t fit?

4. Yoda lives in California?

5. So…. ‘Rob Me’ was taken?

6. Miss chatty Kathy drives a Caddy.

7. I bet this guy gets punched….a lot!

8. How to send a not so vague message. Well done!

9. In other words, don’t ask this guy for a ride.

10. The bi-lingual plate?

11. I see what you did there….

12. Not to self: check out potential babysitters’ cars before you hire one.

13. Clever little nerd.

14. Yes, but you won’t be that hard to find now….genius.

15. Okay, who wants to tell him?

16. What kind of tart?

17. Ah….now I get it. Spacing IS everything.

18. Let the games begin.

19. The combination play for the win!

20. But loves leather seats?

21. Someone at the DMV wasn’t paying attention and we thank you for that.

22. Is honesty really always the best policy?

23. More honesty.

24. Too much honesty?


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