The 7 Best Comic Book Super-Heroes Who Haven’t Had Movies Made About Them

7. Black Cat

Black Cat is roughly Spiderman’s version of Catwoman. Like Catwoman, Black Cat is a thief who ultimately has her heart in the right place. Whether Black Cat is stealing from others or beating up bad guys, she always oozes sex appeal and uses her beauty to her advantage- also like Catwoman.

To say she’s a carbon-copy however, would be wrong. There is plenty of talk in Hollywood about a lack of female superhero movies. The opportunity to show how Felicia Hardy overcomes a personal tragedy of being a victim of sexual assault and the death of her long lost father has lots of potential. Watching her learn martial arts and acrobatics to forge herself into someone strong and powerful, turning her initial quest for revenge into fighting for good, would be compelling.

Honestly, there’s no way it could be any worse than Catwoman starring Halle Barry.

6. The Darkness

Jackie Estacado isn’t exactly a superhero, he’s more of an antihero that has no qualms with laying to waste people who are far worse. Estacado is the current host of “The Darkness”- an ancient primordial force involved in the creation of the universe and its initial void before there was light. It is an ageless and chaotic male soul seething with hatred.

The Darkness is passed on from father to son through the cursed bloodline of the Estacados. Oh Jackie’s 21st birthday, his powers manifest as he becomes the new vessel for The Darkness. How does he discover this? He sees his girlfriend murdered in front of his eyes by a rival mobster. Overcome with grief, Jackie shoots himself in the head, only The Darkness won’t let him die. These newfound powers see a perfect opportunity for revenge. Jackie, however, refuses to let The Darkness control him and make him a mindless vessel of chaos. Over time, he learns to control The Darkness, instead.

The powers that The Darkness grants its host are immense. If you can imagine it, The Darkness can create it. Super strength, super speed, invulnerability,xenomorph-like tendrils with razor-sharp teeth that eat human hearts, violent minions called “darklings” to do one’s bidding and everything in between. The catch is these powers only work in the dark- that is unless the host learns to create darkness at will. Seeing Jackie learn how to use these powers in his fight with the moband ultimately become an enormous bad ass would be fun.

People love the Punisher’s quest for revenge. Getting to watch Estacado wipe out the crime families that murdered his girlfriend and harmed his loved ones in an orgy if insane violence would be something. Try to imagine putting The Punisher, The Godfather and Deadpool in a blender. I’d watch it.

5. Martian Manhunter

DC has a lot of superhero movies in the works and with the release Justice League, it’s time to bring in Martian Manhunter. Martian Manhunter is one of the original members of Justice League after all.

Martian Manhunter arguably rivals Superman in power. He can fly, shapeshift, turn invisible, is telepathic and has super strength. Like Superman, he’s also a true force for good and despite being an alien, embodies some of the best of what we call “humanity.”

4. She-Hulk

People love the Hulk. If Marvel starts making She-Hulk movies, they will love her, too. After being shot and nearly killed,a lawyer named Jennifer Walters required a blood transfusion. With no matching donors around, only one person could step in to save her- Bruce Banner.

We’ve seen Banner largely master his Hulk powers and watching him be on the hook for helping Walters master hers on the big screen has a lot of potential for laughs. Unlike the Hulk, She-Walters maintains her intelligence and personality when she becomes She-Hulk. She’s still Jennifer, just an insanely strong, nigh invulnerable force of nature version of Jennifer. None of the other female Avengers can match that raw power. She-Hulk smash.

3. Nightwing

Robin has outgrown his role as Batman’s sidekick. There’s lots of crime to fight and Robin was clearly capable of doing that on his own so with that, Nightwing was born.

We’ve seen Dick Grayson grow over the years as Batman’s sidekick. The timing is perfect to see him as Nightwing, fighting Gotham’s criminals his own way. Stepping out of the shadows and becoming a true bad-ass like his former mentor would be great.

2. Deathstroke

Slade Wilson is the world’s deadliest assassin, Deathstroke. Wilson isn’t quite a superhero, in fact he’s hunted and fought with many of them. He however, does work with the good guys some of the time, as we’ve seen on the show “Arrow.”

Wilson is a tactical genius that knows a ton of martial arts and quickly learns the tendencies of his targets, using their own methods against them. When fists aren’t enough, he’s also got plenty of guns and blades to finish the job. Wilson’s long backstory interactions with plenty of characters in the DC universe offer a lot to work with.


Gambit may have appeared in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” but like other characters who have appeared in superhero films, he’s never had his own movie. As one of the coolest X-Men, that needs to change.

Gambit can charge objects he touches with explosive kinetic energy, turning his deck of cards into a deck of grenades, as well as any other object he wishes. It’s a neat mutant ability for sure but what makes the Cajun card player stand out is his charismatic personality. He’s certainly powerful and important enough in the X-Men universe to have his own story be told.

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