The 7 Best Martial Arts Fight Scenes in Movie History

My love for Martial Arts movies dates back from when I was just a child. Being the only girl in a family of several boys, I really had no choice but to embrace it and since then… they have been my favorite type of action movie. Somehow, the days of stuffing pillows in our shirts and pretending we are Sumo wrestlers while Mom was yelling not to break any of her furniture still remain some of my fondest memories. Just like the 7 best Martial Arts fight scenes you are about to watch…
7 was far too little a number, but I’m going to try and do it justice.

1. Donnie Yen VS 10 Black Belts In IP Man, To Avenge His Best Friend’s Murder

There are several worthy fight scenes in this movie, but this one remains my favorite. The scene begins with his best friend fighting to earn food for his family. He does, and he wins fair and square, but is still shot dead when he collects his reward in rice. Donnie Yen’s character IP Man then brings us one of the best fight scenes in the movie. His machine gun-style pummeling, and the emotion behind his indignation is everything in this scene.

2. Jet Li In Fist of Legend- The Chen Zhen Dojo Fight HQ

History tells us there has been a lot of tension between Japan and China and in may of Jet Li’s movies, this tension shows. None like this one though. This fight showcases his many talents.

Of course if I’m going to show that clip…you’re also going to see the this one. A classic…from legendary Bruce Lee, because they both belong on this list!

3. Michelle Yeoh Shows Her Mastery Of Handheld Weapons In Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

This one pretty much speaks for itself, and has gorgeous displays of combat by handheld weapons thanks to Michelle Yeoh and her gifted skills.

4. Muay Thai Fighter Tony Jaa In Ong Bak 3: Tien VS. Imperial Guard

Ong Bak was definitely TonyJaa’s breakout moment into absolute stardom. Although there are numerous scenes that would qualify for this list, his fight against the Imperial Guard in Ong Bak 3 gets the spot. Due to other unfortunate things going on at the time, the movie itself didn’t reach the heights in fame it could have, but this scene is still one of the best fights on film nonetheless. All I have to say is if you like Martial Arts fighting scenes and haven’t seen this one yet…you’re welcome.

5. The Protector In Restaurant Scene – Tony Jaa

Video is self-explanatory. Yes, it’s Tony Jaa again, but this is an entire 4-minute long unbroken sequence of him fighting. Worthy of the pick. Right?

6. Chen Vs Grandmasters In Alley – Bart Jam Do

Wing Chung Grandmaster Chen is trapped in a narrow alleyway, and is challenged by all Grandmasters of each school, he defeats them one by one, and it’s beautiful. The final obstacle for him to face is Madame Zou, who is the ‘bad guy’ of this epic film. Instead of harming her, he does something far more humiliating to her. This is one of those fight scenes that shows absolute skill, no fancy computer stuff… and it flows beautifully.

7. Jackie Chan’s Ladder Fight In First Strike

We cannot end this list without Jackie Chan appearing in it. He has many pretty epic fights to choose from but we all know his famous ladder fight has got to be at least one of his top ones. Enjoy!

There are many that belong on this list but are not simply because there are far more than 7…
Share with us which ones you’d like to see on the list!

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