The 7 Best Movies Made from Video Games

There is no such thing as a good videogame movie, they all suck. Considering that, the title should probably be changed to the 7 most tolerable video game movies. I consulted some gamer friends and my son on this one to make sure I was right in line with my opinions. So here we go!

# Honorable Mention Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
Box Office Revenue $274,703,340
Audience Score: 47%
Okay, this didn’t make it on anyone’s list but my own. I don’t know why because it made more revenue than all on this list except Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Okay, so admittedly I am a female and Lara Croft was such an amazing kick-ass female that I wished I were her. I loved how she brought the game Tomb Raider alive for me and inspired me to not let anything get in my way.

#7 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
(Final Fantasy VII has shown a higher audience score but was a theatrical release in Japan)
Box Office Revenue $85,131,830
Audience Score: 48%
Final Fantasy created a massive fan base and more games than you could lay a finger on. This is probably why they thought a cheap and generic movie rolled under the Final Fantasy franchise would bring in a bunch of easy cash… THEY were right. Fanatic fans were disappointed to find a sad plot and bad CGI animation that barely scraped by.

#6 Hitman
Box Office Revenue $99,965,792
Audience Score: 57%
This movie based on the Hitman series was more of a tolerable movie than anything. With lackluster performances, a clunky story line, and too much money in special effects. Besides that, there is a lot of blood if you are into that sort of thing. To me it was just lots of meaningless gore to make the movie look cooler and more violent but amount of blood was NOT going to help out that messy storyline.

#5Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Box Office Revenue $336,365,676
Audience Score: 58%
I remember watching this one and thinking it was good at the time. The only problem is, like an unbaked cake the ingredients didn’t mix well leaving a film with small good parts and too many long parts and only half-baked.Luckily for Disney, they are Disney and they still raked in the dough on this release.

#4 Silent Hill
Box Office Revenue $97,607,453
Audience Score: 63%
While not a big fan of the Silent Hill franchise, I was surprised to find action packed scenes that apparently went perfectly with the series. If only the movie had a solid story and better visuals this might have gotten a higher rating and made more bucks.

#3 Resident Evil
Box Office Revenue $102,984,862
Audience Score: 67%
About the same as other zombie films but with a twist. The movie lacks the key elements to a good story line but makes up with gore and an okay cast. I put it at #4 was because it did a good job of bringing the video game to life.

#2 Mortal Kombat
Box Office Revenue $122,195,920
Audience Score: 58%
I remember playing Mortal Kombat when I was in High School. It was so gruesome watching the decapitations in the game& movie… but I could not look away. This movie was exciting to me because it was one of the first video game movies I had seen. The fight scenes were wellchoreographed and interesting to watch. I rated this one higher despite audience score because of my personal connection to the movie. If they had hammered out a believable plot this movie would be even better to watch.I also wished the Raiden character were more like the guys on Big Trouble In Little China, they scared me when I was a kid.

#1 Halo 4:Forward Unto Dawn
Audience Score: 67%
I like Halo and I love this movie. I don’t know why this movie was never released in theatres because I think it is better than all the movies listed here. It’s one of those hidden gems that you would never expect to find as a free movie on Amazon. Fast paced sci-fi action matches perfectly with this war prequel to the beginning of Halo 4! This captured the video game more than the rest.

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