The 7 Best Videos of Turkeys on the Attack

Thanksgiving is coming so what better time than to share with you some of the best videos of turkeys on the attack. These terrible Toms have no intention of being put in a turkey pan this year, that I can tell you! As far as I could tell no human was hurt in any of these videos so you don’t have to worry about being horrified or sickened. You may be laughing so hard you make yourself sick but that isn’t a big deal is it? Tis the season and all that. Enjoy!

1. Pet Turkey attacking Grandmother 2 – a very aggressive turkey

2. ‘Terrible Tom’ the wild turkey causes reporter to lose her head

3. Turkey Attack! This is a turkey from hell!

4. Man vs. Turkey

5. Angry Turkey

6. Turkey Attacks Girl

7. Turkey attacks mail truck on Cape Cod

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