The 7 biggest douchebags at the gym

1. The people who mock other people. People go to the gym to improve their lives; they never deserve to be mocked or humiliated. Dani Mathers, a Playboy model, recently got in hot water when she body shamed a 70 year old woman at the gym by posting an unflattering photo of her on the internet. She might be pretty, but she’s a total douchebag.

2. The messy guy. He leaves sweat over everything he touches, refuses to re-rack his weights, leaves his empty water bottles rolling underneath the weight benches. He’s gross, and he’s a douchebag.

3. The guy who hits on every woman there. This douchebag has a 1970s view of the gym as a meatmarket and is oblivious to the signals that the women do not want to be bothered. She’s there to improve her life; if she’s working out or wearing earbuds, don’t be a douchebag and bother her.

4. The guy who spends way too long naked in the locker room. This dude is way too comfortable with his own nudity, and presumably everyone else’s. He enjoys walking around in the buff, chatting to people, stretching, maybe even doing sit-ups on the locker room bench, just to round out the workout. This guy is a Class A douchebag.

5. The guy who is at the gym for hours, but never seems to work out. His body doesn’t show much difference week to week, nor does his attitude. He’s chill. He has a nice stroll around the perimeter of the gym, maybe stretches a bit, then finishes with a two-hour long visit at the smoothie bar. This guy needs to find a hobby because he’s creeping everyone out. Douchey, douchey, douchey.

6. The guy who uses the equipment wrong and rebuffs efforts by the gym staff to explain it to him. He’s sure he’s the best thing to happen to gym since lycra but can’t figure out that humans were not meant to straddle the lat pull bar. DOUCHE.

7. The guy who thinks he’s a personal trainer. This is the nearest relative to the guy who uses everything wrong. He’s the guy who is sure that he knows everything, and is eager to spot you, even if you’re perfectly fine alone. Whether he’s hitting on you or really wants you to achieve your goals for your triceps, he’s annoying as shit and he’s a total douche.

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