The 7 Most Amazing Super-Heroes Who Have No Powers

Not every superhero in the world of comic books have natural superpowers. Some are given superpowers but only if they weld a device of some sort like the Green Lantern. Others have gadgets that they can use, but in the end its their own strength, cunning and wits that makes them superheroes in their own right.

1. Batman (and Team): He may be called the Dark Knight, but when it comes to non-powered superheroes he is the King of them all. Team Batman also includes several different Robin’s, a Nightwing, a Batgirl, Ace The Bat Hound, and from time to time aCatwoman.

2. Green Arrow (and team): Originally inspired by Robin Hood, but takes a few hints from Batman as well. GA and his eventual team were part of the comic book world since November 1941. His teamwhile not necessary together in the same continuum, consists of Speedy (both male and female), Arsenal, Black Canary, Spartan, and Overwatch.

3. Iron Man: Originally created during the middle years of the Cold War about a wealthy businessman who invents a suit by necessity to escape his captors who wanted him to build a weapon of mass destruction. He would continue to use that suit and upgrades along with the way to continue to fight the good fight. He may have the tech to make him just as powerful as anyone with natural superpowers, but even Tony Stark knows that he, himself is who Ironman is. Without Tony, Iron Man is just a shell.

4. Hit-Girl: In her universe, there are no superheroes. Just people in costumes who want to do more than just cosplay. However, she was trained to fight by her father, and fights to win. She does it well. She is the complement to Kick-Ass’s naive attempt at playing vigilante, and helps her find a soft side to her mission of vigilante justice. Kids, Hit-Girl is no role model; but since she is good at what she does, she makes this list. She is basically like The Punisher in a world with no superpowers.

5. Nick Fury: Regardless of his skin pigmentation he is basically James Bond 10X over. He is the brains of S.H.I.E.L.D. which can handle antagonists that your average police officer could not deal with. People tend to forget that David Hasselhoff was the first actor to play Fury in the live-action 3-D world. Samuel L. Jackson is now famous for the role due to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

6. The Question: This guy wears a faceless mask but it does allow him to see what he is doing. Along with his skills to engage in hand to hand combat, The Question has a genius IQ, great detective skills that could equal or better Sherlock Holmes, and his knowledge of past and future events. No wonder he likes being an Enigma.

7. The Punisher: Frank Castle has nothing to lose thanks to the punks that took his wife and children away. Victims of a mass shooting for the record. The man was trained by our military, and if you’re going to do bad things to good people, this man is going to punish you. Thus, the name Punisher. With that training and know how, he does not need superpowers at all when so many in the Marvel universe do. The Punisher will have his place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as he will have a TV series spun off from “Daredevil.”

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