The 7 Most Annoying People on Facebook and Twitter

Social media has become an important staple in our lives and because of that people have found new and interesting ways to be completely annoying and douche-like. I have compiled a list of the top seven most annoying people found on Facebook and Twitter.

1. The person who knows everything and tells you so.

Not only does this person know everything, they are not to be challenged or proven wrong. They usually have an army of like-minded friends or fans even whose sole mission is to destroy the false beliefs and bubble in which they all reside. Prove them wrong and you get treated to name calling, charges that your sourcing is “biased” or simply blocked. They will not brook any sort of challenge on their page or thread, but they have no compunction whatsoever in coming to your page to prove you wrong by calling you names and derailing any type of meaningful discussion.

2. The person who blatantly fishes for compliments.

You know these people. She posts her glamour shots complete with duck lips, full makeup and hair or if she’s fat add in the “fat girl shot” taken from the various slimming angles overhead; then claims that she just looks terrible. I’m so ugly/fat/old no wonder no man wants me, yadda, yadda, yadda and then cue the thirsty guys who rush in to proclaim her the fairest in all the land. Guys do this too. Gym shots – not post work out with perfect hair and glistening (oiled up) muscles. Think Jersey Shore.

3. The person who constantly threatens to quit FB or unfriend people.

If you think X, Y, or Z then just unfriend me now because I can’t be friends with you. If you voted for Trump or Hillary or Bernie or you didn’t unfriend me now. There is also the chronic threaten to quit person who says things like “I just can’t handle the stupidity of people anyone that’s it I’m leaving FB or I’m deactivating my account, etc.” This is just another form of begging people to validate you. Insecure much?

4. The SCREAMER who tweets or posts with the caps lock on and/or doesn’t know how to break up a paragraph.

Seriously, why are you yelling? It’s not easy to read something all capped and poorly spaced. If you don’t know how to turn the caps lock off or understand the concept of holding down shift and hitting Enter to get that page break in, then perhaps you should just play Farmville or something. Nobody will read your scream rant anyway unless we’re bored and want to tell you how dumb you look.

5. People too lazy to use Google

6. The Hashtag Douchebag.

Hashtags are a way to categorize messages or tweets. It makes it easy for people to find and follow conversations they are interested in. But now they are being used tovague book or to be sound cool. In any case, there are still people who don’t get it and have become hashtag douchebags.#People #who #have #no #clue #how #or #what #to #hashtag.

7. People who fall for every single hoax or bit of fake news.

It’s tiring. People you can Google stuff. You can literally ask Google any question and you will get the answer. If FB wants to donate money they will, they don’t need you to share some fake message a million times. Share memes because they make you laugh but if they outrage you – Google it first so people like me don’t have to come in and tell you what a freaking moron you are because we will, we enjoy it. We don’t care if shaming you is a #trigger. If you post stupid things that could have been looked up and verified and you didn’t do it – you are fair game. Be warned.

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