The 7 Most Bizarre Phobias

1. Venustraphobia. If you recoil in fear of Kerry Washington or Mila Kunis you may have a nasty case of venustraphobia, which is fear of beautiful women.

2. Ombrophobia. You’re unlikely to be happy in a place like Seattle if you have this phobia. It’s the fear of rain.

3. Xanthophobia. How will you survive autumn if you fear the colour yellow? The phobia can be triggered by things as varied as flowers, a yellow car zooming by, or even the sun.

4. Pogonophobia. If you suffer from this phobia, you fear beards.

5. Nomophobia. Most of us have at least a mild form of nomophobia, which is fear of being without mobile phone coverage.

6. Arithmophobia. Don’t play the lottery? Hate writing down phone numbers? Your fear of numbers is an actual thing.

7. Genuphobia. If you eschew dresses or shorts, you may have genuphobia, or fear of knees.

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