The 7 Weirdest Creatures Ever Found

Ever wondered what lurks in the deep of the sea or the jungle where only a select few have gone? Here is a list of my personal favorites on the weirdo-meter of the unknown creatures of the earth.

#7 The Bush Viper
This viper lives in the African Sahara. They live mainly in rainforests feeding on rodents and lizards since they are a small snake at a maximum of 31 inches. Their exotic pattern is very beautiful and is very different between the ten breeds. Their bite is toxic and can cause problems in the blood stream.

#6 Sunda Colugo
The flying lemur has only two breeds, the Sunda and the Philippian flying lemurs. The Sunda grows to between 12 and 17 inches, 2 to 2.9 pounds, and has a tail more than half the length of its body. The funny thing is the Sunda Lemur is not a lemur but a Galeopterus Variegatuswhich is separate from a Lemur. The Sunda also does not fly but glides to other branches.

#5 Aye-Aye
It doesn’t mean ‘yes captain’, in this context I’m talking about Aye-Aye Lemur. It’s a raretype of Lemur in Madagascar. It’s the biggest of its kind. While considered to be the largest nocturnal primate, they only grow up to a couple feet and range from 5-6 pounds. It knocks on trees and drills into the wood to find the treasure troves. They have a strange middle finger and it uses its teeth to scratch out the wood to find the grubs. I have always thought lemurs were ugly but these little things are downright creepy. Locals in Madagascar will kill an Aye-Aye on-sight because they believe the creature to bring evil with it.

#4 Sea Pig (Scotoplanes)
There ain’t nothing bacony about Sea Pigs except their looks. Sea pigs are incandescent bottom-feeders that live between 1300 and 5500 yards under the sea. They sift through the silt to find their food and travel in packs of more than 100. They get their nickname because of their fat round pink bodies. They look like an adorable squishy toy that can fit into the palm of your hand. Thanks Sea Pig for being so cute and for cleaning the scum off the ocean floor for us!

#3 Giant Isopod
The biggest of this species can get up to 20 inches long and 3 pounds. They live in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans preferring to stay in the cooler water. They eat fish and other sea life and are very aggressive. I’m so glad that I have never come across this huge ghostly looking thing. THAT would be a sight!

#2 Bobbit Worm
This little predator is also known as an aquatic predatory polychaete worm. They burrow into the ocean floor to hide themselves until a creature touches one of the worms five antennas. Once the animal touches his antennae, this little worm jumps out of the silt to attack the creature with sharp teeth that can cut the fish in half! Not only that but these “little” worms grow to be around ten feet long in adult hood!

#1 Poodle Moth
There are no real facts about this moth since it is such a new discovery. The first picture of the creature surfaced in 2009 in Venezuela. It has since become a viral event on social media pages. Like his other moth cousins, he probably eats leaves and is about 28 to 38 mm big.

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