The 7 Worst Animals to Have as Pets


Don’t be fooled- The hippopotamus might be cute, but it isn’t kind. According to the BBC hippos kill an estimated 500 people in Africa every year , more than any other large land mammal.

Hippos spend most of their time in the water not just to keep cool, but it also helps them deal with their tremendous size. Owning a 6000 lbs animal as a pet is just a bad idea. Also, don’t look up “hippo muck spread” on youtube. Just. Don’t. Do. It.


Yes, we’ve all seen these adorable apes wearing outfits and acting silly in the movies, but there’s a far uglier side to chimpanzees than that. They’re incredibly violent as you can see.

That’s the dark and brutal reality people seldom talk about when it comes to chimps. They’re so cute and cuddly, and rip each other to pieces with regularity. How adorable.


There are many people out there that have snakes with pets. The python isn’t one of those snakes. Unless asphyxiation and being swallowed whole sounds great to you (insert dirty joke here), what appeal could there possibly be in owning one?

Sometimes, having something for fascination or the sake of standing out just isn’t worth the risk.


Aww, just look at the little platypus! What person living near a body of water wouldn’t want one of these as a pet? If it’s a male platypus, that answer should be very simple- NO ONE.

The male platypus as little spikes on its back legs which inject venom. The venom isn’t lethal, but it is extremely painful. The pain caused by the venom is immune to morphine and can last for weeks.

So how painful is it? Keith Payne, a former decorated soldier said the pain was “worse than being hit by shrapnel.”’s enough reason for me.

Pistol Shrimp

People with large fish tanks often put all kinds of sea life in them. Pistol shrimps shouldn’t be one of them.

Pistol shrimps got their name for good reason. Notice how one claw is so much bigger than the other? That’s not by accident. It attacks other animals that swim too close to it by snapping its claw shut so fast it creates killer bubblesthat reach up to 8,000 degrees Fahrenheit. No thanks.

Polar Bears

Coca-Cola lied to you. The world’s largest land carnivore isn’t the precious animal you see in the commercials around Christmas time. They spend half their time looking for food and have no problem eating you when they’re hungry enough or if they just feel like it.

They also spend months hibernating so even if you wanted to cuddle with them before they grow to over 1,000 lbs, you’d be missing out at best and pissing off mama bear at worst.

Slow Loris

Just look at it! It’s so freaking cute. No doubt you’ve also seen videos of the slow loris on youtube where it’s having a snack or being tickled and raising its arms in joy… Except it’s not raising its arms in joy.

These animals have venom glands near their arm pits they display in self-defence. The venom can cause anaphylactic shock. Slow lorises also have really sharp teeth and will bite. Removing the teeth can lead to the death of the animal. Don’t get an exotic pet like this as you’re only helping poachers and illegal traders if you do.

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