The 7 Worst Movies Based on Video Games

The 7 Worst Movies Based on Video Games

Video games are great! They’re fun, addicting, and they bring in a huge pile of fans to buy their product. Some of the biggest videogames brought in these unwanted guests to their line of merchandise. These movies tried to make a cheap buck off of million of eager fans to various depressing experiences watching their favorite games be destroyed by half-baked adaptations. NOTE: I did include the preview to most movies… they look very entertaining, but don’t be fooled by the preview. If you’ve seen the preview, you’ve seen enough and just know it doesn’t get any better than that preview.

Honorable Mention: Postal
Although this movie was just plain awful, it gave a handful of slapstick comedy and at least didn’t try to take itself seriously. The rest of these are trying to bring you the action and excitement of their parent video game:

#10 Pokemon 3: The Movie
I watched this when my son was a kid. He was a huge Pokemon fan. This movie is a little weird since, in the game the region Johto has a Pokemon species known as ‘Unknown’. They are commonbut didn’t really do anything in the game. Making ‘Unknown’ into some weird all-powerfull being controlled by a little girl in the movie didn’t make any sense… Just skip the movie and watch this short movie preview about Pichu to really smile!

#9 Ratchet & Clank
This film just uses the same format so many other movies have in the past that it falls into that category of cliché. If they had given new content to the Ratchet and Clank series and not used the same build from nothing plot as other movies, this one might have been more interesting. I just plain hated this.

#8 Max Payne
Deep, dark and edgy isn’t something you completely expect from the satire of the Max Payne series. If the movie had gotten the memo and instead didn’t act like all the other shooter shows out on the market, it might risen above others and have been worth seeing.

#7 Street Fighter
Street fighter is an iconic arcade fighter game that has gone through many changes. More characters, more dialogue, and a full story are a few examples. This movie proved to be nothing more than you watching actors play out some fight scenes that you would have just seen in the game. If they had added a better plotline this might be tolerable.

#6 Super Mario Bros.
Nintendo thought it would be a good idea to make a movie for their famously famous plumber Mario. If only they had chosen directors who had played the game instead of getting hand me down information from some guy who heard of Super Mario Bros… The fact that they had absolutely nothing to do with Super Mario Bros. and created the adorable yet absolutely horrifying pin-head goombas conforms these guys were swimming in drugs. Even my son couldn’t enjoy this movie.

#5 Wing Commander
If you want to watch this movie but waste only 2 minutes, watch the trailer. With a shallow plot consisting of battling someone to save the world and a love interest at the end this movie barely applies to that. This trailer is all you need to see.

#4 Double Dragon
So, they took apart the videogame and stitched it back together making it clumsy and incoherent. They use mediocre plot points and mediocre actors to make a medium performance of a great game.

#3 House of the Dead
This film brings all the cheesy elements from grade b horror films and throws in very lazy writing to make the most generic Zombie film. With barely any work in the movie, this is about as pleasant as eating a raw egg.

#2 Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
Too much action does not make a substitute for a plot-line. Not only that but the CGI is horrendousand makes everything look weird and plasticky. Go back and watch the original Mortal Kombat you will be less disappointed.

#1 Alone in the Dark
The top three on this list are all the clichés in movies; zombies, aliens, and ghosts. That really shows their originality… Too much violence and way too much jumbled pieces that don’t fit together make this movie a disaster

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