The Favorite Alcoholic Beverages of 10 American Presidents

Even our U.S. presidents like to have an adult beverage every once in a while. In Mark Will-Weber’s book, “Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt: The Complete History of Presidential Drinking,“ he details every president’s favorite alcoholic beverage and explores the stories behind the drink. Will-Weber’s book also reveals the more “human side” of our nation’s leaders, which is important for us all to see from time to time.

Here are favorite alcoholic beverages of ten of our presidents:

1. George Washington

George Washington was known for liking whiskey. In fact, he opened an expensive whiskey distillery in 1797, which became Mount Vernon’s most profitable ventures.

2. John Adams

John Adams was a hard cider drinker.

3.Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was connoisseur of wine.

4. James Monroe

James Monroe loved champagne.

5. John Quincy Adams

John Quincy Adams enjoyed Madeira wine, a drink that gets its flavor through a repeated heating process.

6. James Garfield

James Garfield was a beer drinker.

7. William McKinley

William McKinley liked a strong cocktail made with whiskey, sweet vermouth, cherry brandy and absinthe.

8. Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt was infamous for his mint juleps.

9. Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson enjoyed a good scotch.

10. Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover drank dry martinis.

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