The Most Under-Rated Super Villains


Thomas Elliot is a brilliant neurologist and plastic surgeon who was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne. In many ways they were reflections of each other- two brilliant kids from rich families with Wayne being good, and Elliot being very, very bad. While Wayne’s parents were very loving, Elliot’s father was an abusive drunk. His mother did nothing to protect him, as she loved being rich more than her son. Elliot would eventually grow very resentful as Wayne had a loving family that he longed to have.

Elliot plotted to kill his own parents to receive their fortune but succeeded only in killing his father in an “accident.” Thomas Wayne saved Elliot’s mother with emergency surgery. Elliot had to wait until adulthood for his mother to die of cancer before getting control of his family’s wealth and he never forgave the Wayne’s for saving his hated mother’s life.

Tragedy turned Bruce Wayne into Batman, a paragon and force for good. It turned Thomas Elliot into Hush, an intelligent, manipulative and greedy killer filled with jealousy and hatred. He would learn that Bruce Wayne and Batman were one and the same and would do all he could to destroy him. He has yet to do so. Their childhood friendship and trauma make for an interesting tale that hasn’t been brought to the forefront the way some other Batman villains have.

He calls himself “Hush” after the lullaby “Hush, Little Baby” as he was a child who was never satisfied or got the loving parents he really needed. Brutal.


Scarecrow is a popular Batman villain who simply hasn’t gotten the love he deserves in the movies. Though he did appear in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, Scarecrow was often little more than a sideshow and never much of a threat. He shows up only to get stunned by a taser or captured immediately.

The concept of using his mask and chemicals to cause terror in his victims is very interesting- using the terror Batman puts in criminals against him. Scarecrow is fascinating in this way. He could end up being a much more important villain in future Batman films if the directors make him more of a main villain and adopt his more sinister character from the comics.


I know, the Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds was bad. Given the popularity of the Green Lantern universe, it seems inevitable that a new movie (and likely reboot) will be made. Whenever it happens, if Parallax is the villain, they have chance to do him (or rather, it) right this time.

Parallax is, in a sense, fear itself. An ancient entity that embodies the yellow light of fear and possesses or mind-controls those who wish to have this power. It can also control minds and drain life from the living. Parallax, being pure energy, takes the shape of whatever it wishes. Usually in a form to terrify an enemy.

A major villain that has fought the likes of Green Lantern, Super Man, Wonder Woman, etc. Parallax deserves another shot on the big screen and is an excellent villain when handled right.


Taskmaster (Anthony Masters) has “photographic reflexes,” anability to study his opponents and almost instantly learn their fighting techniques, making him able to take on countless heroes in a fight. He can shoot like Hawkeye, fight like Black Panther, swing a sword like Black Knightand has the same ridiculous physical capabilities as Captain America, having drank a superhero serum as well. He can also expertly mimic voices to break voice activated locks or just for shits and giggles.

Taskmaster has trained many Marvel characters how to fight over the years and has fought the Avengers, the X-men and everyone in between. How is this guy not a more prominent character?


Like other characters on this list, Sabretooth is a popular villain that has been mishandled in Hollywood movies. Everyone loves Wolverine, so it’s amazing how poorly his greatest rival has been handled in the X-men films.

While Wolverine tries to control his animalistic nature and fights for good, Sabretooth embraces his primal nature and certainly looks the part. He has claws on the end of his fingers, fangs, wears fur, has wild hair and has no issue tearing apart anyone that gets in his way. His fights with Wolverine and others in the comics and cartoons are awesome.

“X-Men Origins: Wolverine” did some good things with the character, showing his power and cunning, but it was a bad movie and LievSchrieber just wasn’t the right actor for the chacter. Now that Disney holds the movie rights that Fox once did, there is an excellent opportunity to feature Sabretooth in a proper Marvel movie that’s actually good.


Kraven is a big game hunter and mercenary that wants to redeem himself with an intriguing backstory. As a child during the Bolshevik Revolution, Sergei Kravinoff’s parents were forced to immigrate to escape the danger. His abusive father died and his mother was put into an asylum while he and his brother became orphans. His mother was tormented by the spider-infested asylum and seeing her terror during a visit caused Kraven to develop arachnophobia. This only worsened after his mother committed suicide due to her fear and madness.

These brutal conditions led Kraven to believe in only one thing- survival. He would go on to travel all over the world, fighting to survive and discovering a love of hunting. Somewhere along the way he also encountered a shaman that gave him a potion, increasing his strength, reflexes and stamina.Kraven would hunt all manner of wild animal until he had a desire to hunt the biggest game of all- super heroes.

After working with poachers, mercenaries and even Nick Fury for a time, Kraven fought plenty of Marvel super-heroes, particularly Spider-Man. Kraven can’t live with the shame of defeat and seeks redemption by killing Spider-Man once and for all. One can’t help but think it would give him a semblance of peace.

It’s time for Marvel to give Kraven some more attention.

Omega Red

While Stryker turned Wolverine into Weapon X, the Russians were working on their own lethal mutant during the cold war. The result of their efforts was Omega Red.Like Wolverine, he’d also seek vengeance on his “creators.”

Omega Red was once a brutal Spetsnaz soldier and mutant who was shot in the head for his crimes… Only to survive due to his mutant healing. After discovering this the authorities would seek to turn him into a weapon for the Soviet Union and the horrific experiments began.

While Wolverine’s body is filled with adamantium, Red’s is filled with “carbonadium”- more malleable and almost as strong. This, along with his cybernetic implants augment his physical capabilities and healing factor. He’s strong, fast, and just doesn’t tire.

Where Wolverine is an animal, Omega Red is a machine. Instead of claws, he has coils that can extend and retract from his arms. These coils drain the life of his enemies. His body also carries pheromones that kill those, human and mutant alike, that are too close to him for too lomg. Omega Red is a brutal villain should get more attention.

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