The Top 7 Reason Cats Are Obviously Better Pets than Dogs

It doesn’t matter if you’re a dog person, a cat person, both or neither. There is one truth that will always be just that….true. And that truth is that cats are better pets. I happen to be in the “both” category and have been for over 30 years. Right now I have 2 dogs and 3 cats and the cats win the “better pet” title hands down. There is a long list why this is true but we’ll give you the top 7 reasons to keep it simple.

1. Grooming.
Cats are like self-cleaning ovens when it comes to grooming. They groom themselves pretty much constantly and the only clean-up is the occasional hair ball. There is of course the exception which is usually the longer haired cats that may need to be brushed once in a while to help them keep up with all that fur but even that is easier because when you do brush your cat then you have even less hair balls to clean up.

2. The Litterbox.
Whether your cat is an indoor cat or an indoor/outdoor cat a litterbox is necessary and easy to deal with. You hide it in a place company rarely sees like a closet or laundry room and you clean it once a day. You don’t have to worry that you’ll find little presents from the cat because you were gone too long and not home to let them outside. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to plan my day or night according to the dogs’ need to be “let out” or walked on a leash.

3. Freedom
Cats give you the freedom to be spontaneous. If someone calls and asks you to go out of town for the weekend you’re good to go without having to find a kennel to board your cat. You simply put out extra food, extra water and take off. Cats don’t really care if you’re gone for 2 hours or 2 days. As long as they have the food, water and a place to go to the bathroom they are fine. Dogs require planning such as kennel reservations or a pet sitter who can feed them, water them and walk them which ads to your expense as well lack of freedom to just take off at the last minute.

4. Expense
Cats are just cheaper to own. Unless you have a sickly cat on your hands they are just plain cheaper. Their food is cheaper and they eat less of it so it lasts longer. They tend to need to visit the veterinarian less often as well. They also don’t require all the extras that dogs need to such as collars, leashes, beds, clothes, etc.

5. Easy to Please
I’ve never had a needy cat while every dog I’ve ever had has been needy in one way or another. As long as you feed them, water them and pet them once in a while cats are good to go. They don’t tend to ‘need’ to be hugged, petted or held constantly. They also don’t need to beg while you eat. Cats will visit you when they want a pat on the back then walk away and go do their own thing. They also don’t need to jump on you the minute you walk in the door and harass you for the next 5 minutes because you had the audacity to be away from the house.

6. Cats Don’t Bark
When cats hear something you’ll only know it if you’re watching them and see them shift their ears toward a noise. They certainly won’t bark incessantly at passing cars, kids playing or the mailman. I can’t ever remember being woken up by barking cats because an animal made a noise outside. If the cats are afraid of a noise like thunder they also don’t need to jump into your lap or hide under your chair while whining, barking and shaking. Cats simply go find a quiet safe place like under a bed and disappear until they feel like coming out.

7. No More Mice
Not everyone lives where mice can be a problem but if you do then cats are awesome to have. Living in the country makes having a few cats a necessity. Both indoor and outdoor cats help keep your property clean of mice, moles, voles and rats. They do this without training or needing treats as a reward. I’m all for any pet who wants to willingly earn his/her keep.

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