The Top 7 Ways to Win Your Woman Over

Finding the right person to spend the rest of your life with is easier said than done. So when you find the right woman you may need to prove to her that you are the right man for her. The best way to show her you’re going to be there for the long haul is to do little things that make her feel special, happy and most of all appreciated.

1. Give thoughtful gifts.
Anyone can walk into a store and pick up a gift in under 5 minutes. And every woman can tell when you’ve done that. Listen to her, remember the small things she tells you and shopping for thoughtful gifts will be easy. Did she tell you about that favorite sweater she lost? Perhaps you can find one like it. Maybe she told you she’s always wanted something unique and if you’ve actually listened to her you’ll remember that and find it. When she sees that you’ve taken the time to listen to her, remember what she said and then gone out of your way to find it for her she’s going to be beyond impressed with you. She’s going to be head over heels in no time.

2. Do some housework once in a while.
No one like to go to work all day only to come home and need to do housework. So if you show her that you want to help her out and do some little things around the house she’s going to take note. To her it will mean that you appreciate her and want to make her life easier. Who doesn’t want a man who’s willing to do that?

3. Notice the little things she does and let her know.
Women like to be noticed, especially by the men they love. If she gets her hair colored or cut then say you notice it and tell her what you like about it. Also make sure to notice when she does little things for you. Women love to do things for other people so if she gets your car washed then thank her. If she takes your clothes to the cleaners be sure to tell her you appreciate it. Just remarking on the little things makes her feel like you really notice and care enough to say so. It doesn’t take much to say “thank you” or “you’re awesome” and the rewards will far outweigh the effort.

4. Cook for her.
If you can’t cook and she knows this then simply opening a can and heating it up for her will make her feel special. If however you do know your way around the kitchen then be sure to show off those skills once in a while. Not only will it make things easier for her (as long as you clean up your mess) it will show her that you care enough to cook for her. When men show off their cooking skills women love it and they will show you just how much.

5. Call or text during the day just to say “Hi”.
Even if you live together and see each other every day there is nothing sweeter to a woman than getting a call or text from her man. Just a simple “hi” will work. If you want to go all out ask her out to lunch or call right before you leave work and ask if you can pick something up from the store for her. Men who show they’re thinking of their women are worth keeping around.

6. Dance with her.
If you’re not the sort to go out to the clubs and hit the dance floor it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you want to dance with her. Just turning on the music and slowly dancing with her in the living room will show her that you want to be close to her. Women love to be held so some slow dancing around the house will win her over in the blink of an eye.

7. Be excited for her accomplishments.
If she gets a promotion it should be just as big of a deal to you as it is to her. Women love it when their mates want the best for them. Also try to remember little accomplishments matter as much as the big ones. If she tries skiing for the first time and does well then let her know that you’re both happy for her and proud of her. When you encourage her and show pride you’re not only helping her to gain confidence you’re showing her that her accomplishments are a big deal to you. Every woman wants to be the most important person in her man’s life so showing off your pride for her accomplishments goes a long way.

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