These 15 Images Show Karma Never Spares Anyone

Everyone knows about the idea of Karma. Whatever you do to others comes back on you so careful with your actions. What we all want is to be there when Karma pays a visit to those who have wronged us. Sadly, we don’t usually get to hear about it let alone see it but thanks to the internet we can see what happens to other people when they receive a dose. It may not be the Karmic reactions we personally want to see but it’s still nice to know that Karma is a busy, busy girl.

1. Glad this is a photo and not a video.

2. Don’t know what this person did but the Mercedes paid for it.

3. So this is why they’re always late?

4. Sometimes Karma runs through you like hot butter.

5. Don’t worry, he only wants to be on your back for 8 seconds.

6. Pre-Karmic notification? Very classy.

7. If your profession is to stick sharp objects into innocent animals, beware!

8. Has there ever been a side-piece worth all your belongings and privacy?

9. You know Karma is off the rails when the police show up.

10. Karma is very generous indeed.

11. Karma can have 4 legs when she wants.

12. Admit it….you’re hoping the thief is a man.

13. This is a double-dose!

14. Another well-deserved double dose. Bravo Mom!

15. Would have been better had it landed on its head but it will do for now.

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